failed adding timestamp to OPC-DA datastream

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failed adding timestamp to OPC-DA datastream

Post by HaMo » Thu Aug 21, 2014 11:17 am

Hi all,
tried to read one OPC-DA channel an add an odysseus generated timestamp.
Expanded schema:

Code: Select all

		['\\.\PVR-WRS-1\I_DC_1', 'FLOAT']
		, ['start', 'StartTimestamp'] 
		, ['end', 'EndTimestamp']
expanding schema causes:

Code: Select all

3141973 DEBUG AccessBase  - Realizing item: start - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AccessBase.realizeItem( 
3142004 WARN  AccessBase  - Failed to add item: start (C0040007) - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AccessBase.realizeAll( 
3142004 DEBUG AccessBase  - Realizing item: \\.\PVR-WRS-1\I_DC_1 - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AccessBase.realizeItem( 
3142020 DEBUG Item  - Adding new item '\\.\PVR-WRS-1\I_DC_1' (0x00000002) for group org.openscada.opc.lib.da.Group@605b3ba5 - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.Item.<init>( 
3142020 DEBUG Group  - Adding item: '\\.\PVR-WRS-1\I_DC_1', 2 - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.Group.addItem( 
3142020 DEBUG AccessBase  - Realizing item: end - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AccessBase.realizeItem( 
3142020 WARN  AccessBase  - Failed to add item: end (C0040007) - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AccessBase.realizeAll( 
3142020 DEBUG AutoReconnectController  - performReconnect completed : true - org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AutoReconnectController$ 
3142035 DEBUG OPCDATransportHandler  - 0: 2.9938493 - 
3142051 ERROR SyncAccess  - Sync read failed - 
	at org.openscada.opc.lib.da.AccessBase.updateItem(
	at org.openscada.opc.lib.da.SyncAccess.runOnce(
	at Source)
seems that odysseus tries to add start and end as OPC-DA tags, which not existing.

Any advice?
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Martin Schmid
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Re: failed adding timestamp to OPC-DA datastream

Post by Martin Schmid » Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:44 pm

Appending timestamps via

TimeStamptoPayLoad operator works.

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Marco Grawunder
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Re: failed adding timestamp to OPC-DA datastream

Post by Marco Grawunder » Thu Aug 21, 2014 4:11 pm

Exactly, the schema defined in the access operator must match the data delivered. Only when there is a field that has this information, STARTTIMESTAMP and ENDTIMESTAMP can be used.

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