Configuring Jenkins using Buckminster

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Configuring Jenkins using Buckminster

Post by jwe » Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:50 pm

Hey guys,

i'm trying to configure Jenkins using Buckminster. I installed buckminster plugin for jenkins, but the plugin requires some commands as well. Any hints which commands are needed to run tests from the Odysseus projects and build client, server and monolitic?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings jwe

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Marco Grawunder
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Re: Configuring Jenkins using Buckminster

Post by Marco Grawunder » Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:46 am


(just back from vacation)

because not all implementers of Odysseus use a proper dependencies definiton, we created some tools to support the build process.

You will have to install the target platform (we do this with a different job) (after a checkout of ... on.feature ):

Buckminster 3.7
Commands: importtargetdefinition -A '${WORKSPACE}/common/'

Archive and publish an Eclipse Target Platform:
Name: Odysseus Target Platform

To create the monolithic version the following things are done after the checkout:

Code: Select all

rm -rf ${WORKSPACE}/buckminster.temp
rm -rf ${WORKSPACE}/buckminster.output
rm -rf ${WORKSPACE}/buckminster.built
rm -rf ${WORKSPACE}/buckminster.products

java -version
javac "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/"
java -cp "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/" "${WORKSPACE}" "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/" "${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/"
Run Buckminster:
Version 3.7
Target Platform: Odyssues Target Platform

Code: Select all

import '${WORKSPACE}/tooling/ci/'
perform -D qualifier.replacement.*=${SVN_REVISION} -D target.os=* -D* -D target.arch=*
perform -D qualifier.replacement.*=${SVN_REVISION} -D target.os=win32 -D -D target.arch=x86 -D ws.root=${WORKSPACE}
perform -D qualifier.replacement.*=${SVN_REVISION} -D target.os=win32 -D -D target.arch=x86_64 -D ws.root=${WORKSPACE}
perform -D qualifier.replacement.*=${SVN_REVISION} -D target.os=linux -D -D target.arch=x86 -D ws.root=${WORKSPACE}
perform -D qualifier.replacement.*=${SVN_REVISION} -D target.os=linux -D -D target.arch=x86_64 -D ws.root=${WORKSPACE}
perform -D qualifier.replacement.*=${SVN_REVISION} -D target.os=macosx -D -D target.arch=x86 -D ws.root=${WORKSPACE}
perform -D qualifier.replacement.*=${SVN_REVISION} -D target.os=macosx -D -D target.arch=x86_64 -D ws.root=${WORKSPACE}

Artifacts Deployer:

Hope that helps a little.



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Re: Configuring Jenkins using Buckminster

Post by jwe » Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:43 am

Thank you, Marco.

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