Since last update somethings not working (e.g. org.json)

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Since last update somethings not working (e.g. org.json)

Post by Marco Grawunder » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:16 pm

Sometimes bundles need to be moved or renamed. Unfortunenalty, Eclipse does not handle this very effective.

So if a strange error occurs: Please look inside all bundles if there is one bundle, that is empty. Remove this bundle und start import afterwards again so this bundle can be imported again.

By the time of writing, this is the case for org.json. It has to be moved from a subfolder to a more global folder.

In most cases it is the best after an update external of Eclipse (e.g. with tortoise) first call refresh (F5) in Eclipse. Here Eclipse should state, that the bundle x.y.z is no longer available and remove it. After that the import of new bundles can be startet.

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